I’m a freelance digital artist specializing in illustration and conceptual art. Since earning my BFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in drawing and painting, I’ve partnered with brands such as Disney, Universal, and House of Blues to help bring their creative visions to life. My focus on visual storytelling has also allowed me to create conceptual art for potential films and graphic novels.


I’m fascinated by characters and the power behind them. Icons of film, music, comics, and myth stay with us for many reasons. One of them, I believe, is their tendency to be larger than life; existing in a heightened reality separate from ours. With my art, I enjoy diving into the power, both literally and figuratively, behind these icons and their archetypes, often with emphasis on detail, strong use of color, and the darker side of their nature.

Some of my primary sources of inspiration include: genre films (sci-fi, fantasy, horror), comics, Norse mythology, and heavy metal music. 


I value professionalism, prompt communication, respect for deadlines and a high quality of work. If you’d like to discuss working with me on your next project, I can be reached at jbousema.art@gmail.com



· Emerald City Comic Con March 14-17
· Monsterpalooza April 12-14
· Phoenix Fan Fusion May 23-26
· Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 14-16
· Gen Con August 1-4